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A Day of Reflection and Why Reiki Doesn’t Cure Everything

Yesterday I spent the day at Salisbury’s Personal Best Health Event. During the day I talked to many people about different aspects of the work that I do. It was great to see so many familiar faces: clients, Reiki students and people from my meditation classes as well as fellow practitioners. I was also very grateful to be joined by two of my Level Two Reiki students, Jen and Carol, for a while.

For those people I chatted to that I had never met before there was a wonderful curiosity in finding out more about Reiki, energy healing and meditation. It is a delight to share information with people on so many different levels and even better to give a few a little taste of how Reiki feels.

Many people who use Reiki still struggle to explain it well and one of the reasons why I am about to head back to California to do some more training is because the person I will be working with has done such an amazing job of defining exactly what Reiki is and what it does and doesn’t do.


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Perhaps New Year isn’t the best time for New Year’s Resolutions

Nurturing new year
I first wrote this article in 2017 and it popped back into my head on the first day of the New Year. I thought it was worth revisiting as, three years on, it seems just as relevant as we head into a new year as well as a new decade.

At the start of each year it is common for thoughts to turn to making changes and setting goals. ‘NOW’, we decide, is finally the time to get fit, lose weight or start looking for a new job. We may launch into setting New Year’s resolutions  with perhaps a tendency to aim high, (an attempt to kick start ourselves off the back of overindulgence perhaps?), and then we, more often than not, fall off the wagon pretty quickly. Some people may consciously decide not to set any resolutions yet still feel a vague sense of needing to get started on ‘something’.

But sometimes we may just not have that ‘New Year feeling’ yet....

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Debunking Meditation Myths - Part Two

Debunking Meditation Myths - Part Two
You may have seen my recent article: Debunking Meditation Myths – Part One. This article was inspired by talking to lots of people who have been put off from trying to meditate. As I began addressing some of the questions and myths around what often appears to be a very magical or mystical practice the article began to outgrow itself so I divided it into two parts. The first part focused more on the physical aspects of meditation, things like how to sit, how often you should practice and where you should be when you meditate.

This, the second part of Debunking Meditation Myths, focuses more on our minds, what happens to our thoughts and more internal things that might get in the way of us even giving it a go.

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Listen to Karen on the radio!

Mind Body Radio

I was very excited to be invited to be interviewed on Mind Body Radio in October. It was the first time I've done a live interview but it was great fun. I always enjoy talking about my work, how I got into healing and more importantly, 'why'!

Grab a cuppa and have a listen. I hope you enjoy it. 

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