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Going outside your comfort zone

I keep reading phrases such as ‘In these challenging times’, ‘Given the current situation’, ‘We are making history’ and so on. The bottom line is that for many of us life has changed considerably, almost overnight. Parents are trying to be teachers and home-school their children and for many this is alongside juggling their own work. Some people are now out of work or have had to watch their beloved businesses grind to a halt. Many people are facing an uncertain and scary future and feeling like they’ve had to abandon their customers, clients and employees. Lots of us are adjusting to working from home whilst some people, in key working roles, may feel overwhelmed and busier than ever on the front-line and facing contact with this scary virus every day.

Missing Connections
A common theme amongst all of this is the change to our interactions and sense of being connected to other people, the world in general and those activities that give us joy or help us feel like ourselves. Whether or not you are specifically self-isolating we are all under instruction to minimise our movement and interactions with anyone outside our own households and this can be really tough. We may be missing physical contact and the opportunity to give loved ones a hug or the chance to sit and chew the cud over a cuppa. The sense of isolation and uncertainty is palpable. On top of all these things we are also facing worries about our own health and that of important people in our lives and we may even have lost someone close.

One thing that striking about the situation is that it is affecting the whole world. No country is immune and most are in various states of lockdown. What all this means is that we are having to do things differently and step a little, or a lot, outside our comfort zones.

Closing my practice doors
When I first realised that I was going to have to close the doors to my two offices I was initially uncertain about how I could continue to offer anything to my many clients and students. It was heart-breaking to sit down, a month ago now, and cancel all my existing appointments and classes. I offered everyone a session on the phone but understandably not everyone felt this would give them what they usually get from our sessions together.

Opening some new doors
What’s followed has been a rollercoaster of plunging myself into a new world and getting to grips with various online technology. Using some of this technology I have been working with my colleagues in America and France to see what we might be able to offer, healing wise, now that we were no longer able to see anyone in person.

But first let me backtrack for a moment. When I first set out on my journey to become a therapist, nearly twenty years ago, my training as a Clinical Psychologist was focused on conventional talking therapies and counselling.  Subsequently adding my training Reiki, and other energy healing, has meant my sessions with clients have evolved and changed a lot over the years. Recently I have been feeling more grateful than ever for my original training, which has enabled me to continue offering some support to my clients in the absence of direct contact.

This is partly because I anticipated that the energy work I would be able to do remotely would be very limited and, in truth, it is. I don’t think I will ever be able to do the kind of work over a video or the phone that I could do with someone laying on a couch in my treatment room.

But, in these last few weeks things have evolved hugely. By working alongside my colleagues we have sought to discover if it is possible to jump the distance and do any healing work in this way. We quickly came to the conclusion that video was easier than phone and that, depending on the particular problem a person is facing, there is far more we are able to do than we first thought.

An awe-inspiring journey
The thing that I most wanted to share with you from all of this is how in awe I have been at the way my clients, old and new, have embraced this way of working. How willing they have been to come along with me on this journey, to just ‘give it a try’ and to see what we can do together from afar. I am aware of what a big ask it is for people to step outside of a much more familiar way of working. And an unexpected joy from all of this has been the opportunity to connect with people who no longer live close enough to see me in person.

How does it work?
First we have to get the technology to cooperate, which, thankfully, has mostly been smooth running. Fortunately my internet service is coping well and I have backup options, if we lose connection, just in case.

For many of us there is an initial awkwardness and discomfort about talking over video and most of my clients are not used to essentially allowing me into their homes in this way and it can sometimes be a challenge to find some private space away from the rest of the household.

Yet we have already done some amazing things. Clients I have had sessions with have repeatedly told me how surprised they were at how useful the session was and what we were able to achieve. I have felt truly humbled at the way they have placed their trust in me and been so open to exploring something so new and different to what we are both used to. I feel truly proud at how we are navigating this path together and I am very much looking forward to seeing where it takes us.

Video call sessions
If you would like to book an initial consultation over video to see how this way of working suits you I am offering an initial session for only £30. This session will last for approximately 30-45 minutes and is a chance to try it out. I am then offering subsequent sessions on a sliding scale depending on the particular issues, type of help required and how long the sessions need to be.

Sessions can be an opportunity to talk or offload, to share your worries and to find some greater balance with what you are facing. There is also scope for some basic re-balancing of your energy system and some techniques for emotional release and to help you relax more.

Not for everyone
Although I’m discovering that I can do more via video I am very happy to talk on the phone with anyone who would prefer that. I understand that this way of working won’t give everyone what they need or would like and I am of course committed to offering in-person sessions again just as soon as I am able to. In the meantime this is proving to be a great stop-gap for anyone who needs a bit of extra support right now.

Natural Healing Energy in the future
I am doing all I can to ensure that continue to offer as much help and support to people, during this tough time, as possible. I also want to reassure you that I am working hard to ensure that Natural Healing Energy is able to continue trading and will be ready to step back in fully as soon as our restrictions are lifted.

Help for those with money worries
I know this is a tough time for a lot of people financially and I am keen to offer as much as I can for free including regular lives on my facebook page, with lots of tips and advice, as well as blog articles to help. I have gift vouchers available for online or in-person sessions with no date restrictions in light of the current uncertainties. And please rest assured that I won’t turn anyone away who is in need of help but has been financially impacted by the current crisis. My online meditation and Reiki classes are via optional donations and I have set aside two free video sessions per week to any NHS or care staff who are struggling to cope with what they are dealing with in their work. Please get in touch if you need help and money is tight and I will do my very best to help.

In the meantime, please stay at home, if you can, and take good care of yourself. I am here if I can be of service.

Dr Karen Janes ©
22nd April 2020

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Dr Karen Janes

Dr Karen Janes is the owner and founder of Natural Healing Energy, which she set up in 2005. She is an experienced practitioner of energy healing and is proud to be one of a very small number of practitioners of The Honey Healing Method, worldwide. She is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, a Reiki Master and Teacher and a Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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