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Karen Janes

Dr Karen Janes

Dr Karen Janes is the owner and founder of Natural Healing Energy, which she set up in 2005. She is an experienced practitioner of energy healing and is proud to be one of a very small number of practitioners of The Honey Healing Method, worldwide. She is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, a Reiki Master and Teacher and a Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation.

Karen began exploring energy work in the late nineties as a natural progression from her interest in psychology, meditation and yoga. She trained in a range of energy healing treatments alongside qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist and she worked in the UK National Health Service for some years. She decided to combine all her skills to enable her to tailor treatments to suit individual clients. She then expanded her work to include teaching Reiki and meditation. Two areas of particular expertise and interest for Karen involve her work with people with emotional problems, such as depression and trauma, and with women who are pregnant or experiencing post-natal difficulties.

After initially establishing a thriving practice in Central London, Karen was pleased to bring Natural Healing Energy to Wiltshire when she moved in 2007. In addition to her private practice in Salisbury Karen worked for some time with patients, carers and the bereaved at Dorothy House Hospice.

Karen brings her extensive experience and love of working as a healer to help every person get the most from each treatment. Her clients have described her approach as confident and reassuring and that she is particularly skilled at supporting people to feel safe. She enjoys nothing more than to see her clients walk out of her consulting room standing tall with a weight lifted from their shoulders and a smile on their face.

Associate Practitioners

Karen is proud to have a number of other practitioners associated with Natural Healing Energy. They are people she has trained with, or alongside, and who she continues to work with. They are all sometimes available for treatments or classes within Karen's practices. 

Jim Honey is Karen's original healing teacher and it was in fact Jim who planted the first seed for Karen to begin working professionally as a healer. Now based in California, Jim occasionally returns to the UK and sees some of Karen's clients on a consultation basis. Karen continues to undertake training and supervision with Jim whenever she is able.

Chyna Honey is the author of the only book on Reiki that Karen wholeheartedly recommends. Since undertaking some advanced training in Reiki practice and teaching with Chyna, her book, Understanding Reiki: From Self Care to Energy Medicine, now forms the key part of the curriculum for all of Karen's Reiki classes. Chyna also occasionally travels to the UK, with her husband Jim, and offers treatments and classes to some of Karen's clients and students.

Peter Fricker is a Reiki Master and Teacher and an Applied Energy Flow Practitioner. He is also a Reflexologist and offers wonderfully relaxing energy-based Reflexology sessions, which are truly a treat to experience. He is offering these treatments at Karen's Salisbury practice during September and October.

You can contact Peter to book by calling 07919 257462.

Claudia Piechotzki is an experienced Reiki Master and Teacher and Applied Energy Flow Practitioner who trained alongside Karen. Claudia has a thriving practice in France and occasionally travels to the UK to work alongside Karen. She will be available for some energy healing treatments in October at Karen's Shaftesbury practice.

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