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It might be New Year but it’s still the middle of winter

Fireside woman
As I mentioned in some of my newsletters running up to Christmas, it is something of a paradox that just at the time when energies are lowest, daylight is shortest and much of the natural world is hunkering down, dormant or in hibernation, we humans manage to put ourselves under the most extreme pressure to be doing more. Christmas, and the start to the new year, can be so full of expectations. Parties and gatherings, late nights, social appointments, shopping and meal preparations to be attending or organising are frequently most concentrated at this time of year. For some it can also be a time when there is the greatest disparity between how society suggests we ‘should’ feel and how we actually are, leaving some people feeling their most isolated and alone. It is almost as though the aspects of the world that humans have created speeds up, just at the time when we would naturally be slowing down.


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A Firelit Sound Meditation to celebrate the Winter Solstice

DSM VH Fireplace

An Evening with a Difference...
Over the years I've hosted many different meditation classes and courses. It's always a pleasure to introduce new people to the benefits, as well as providing a place to reconnect with an existing practice and share the experience with others.

Back in 2020, (what else was there to do during lockdown!) I recorded three meditation tracks, my first collaboration with the very talented musician, Andy Roid. You can listen to more of Andy’s music here, including the instrumental music from my meditations. I am  now very excited to tell you all about a new venture we will be hosting, so please read on to find out more...


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A series of meditations for the winter

Online winter meditations

A hectic time of year...

Christmas is often talked about as a time of peace and goodwill but so often it can end up being a time of even more stress and chaos than normal! Weeks can get very full with running around to events and trying to get organised. Fitting in wellbeing practices and time for yourself can be so difficult and often falls to the bottom of the pile.

With this in mind I thought I would organise a series of short meditation classes, with an option to watch a recording in your own time if you can’t make every session live.

Read on to find out more...


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An Online Reiki Share in the quiet…?

Online quiet self-Reiki share
I recently listened to a podcast about Reiki that mentioned a regular event, which a group of people began during covid. They joined together online for a weekly silent self-Reiki practice. The speaker talked about his surprise at how many people became interested in these sessions and particularly long after the restrictions for meeting in person had lifted.

This put me in mind of the ‘Self-Reiki Shares’ that I held for my Reiki students during the long months of lockdowns and how wonderful it was to be connected in our Reiki practice at this time. My lockdown sessions tended to be fairly interactive, with me offering information about Reiki and answering my students questions. It was also helpful at that time to share a little about how we were all coping with everything that was going on at the time.


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