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A series of meditations for the winter

Online winter meditations

A hectic time of year...

Christmas is often talked about as a time of peace and goodwill but so often it can end up being a time of even more stress and chaos than normal! Weeks can get very full with running around to events and trying to get organised. Fitting in wellbeing practices and time for yourself can be so difficult and often falls to the bottom of the pile.

With this in mind I thought I would organise a series of short meditation classes, with an option to watch a recording in your own time if you can’t make every session live.

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The Turning of the Seasons
A little support in the chaos...
Each week, for the four weeks before Christmas, there will be two sessions: Tuesday evenings 7.30-8pm and Thursday lunchtimes, 12.30-1.00pm. The day time meditations will be a little more energising and uplifting and the focus for the evenings will be on winding down for a restful sleep.

Each class costs £6 or you can sign up to all four daytime classes or all four evening sessions (or all eight!) and you will get a recording of each of the sessions included. Once the date for the first class has passed please get in touch with me to sign up for one or both sets of four, plus recordings for any you have missed, for just £20. This can be such an expensive time of year so I hope this provides something affordable to help support you to stay calm and balanced for the last part of the year.

How is it best to meditate?
You can perform meditation sat on the floor or a chair, ideally with your spine in a relaxed and supported vertical position. If this is uncomfortable for you, you might choose to listen to the meditations laying down but do be aware there can be a greater tendency to fall asleep! No prior experience of meditation is required.

A few more details about the classes...
You can join the session from wherever you are, just find yourself a quiet spot to sit comfortably where you won’t be interrupted and click the zoom link in your reminder email. Everyone will be muted and you can choose whether you have your video on or not.

Please ensure you log in a couple of minutes before the start of the class, so we can begin promptly. You might find it useful to have a cushion, blanket and glass of water to hand.

Click on the meditation section of my bookings page to book the classes online.

And don't miss another very special class...
If you haven't already spotted it, the final event of my winter meditation series will be held in person. It is a very special new class to be held by firelight alongside a very talented musician on the winter solstice. Click here to read more...


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