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Welcome to Natural Healing Energy

Natural Healing Energy is now open for healing sessions at both The Old School House, in Shaftesbury, and The Therapy Centre, in Salisbury. Online and phone sessions are also available. All treatments can be booked online.

Please read the information about booking and attending appointments, in line with the current COVID-19 guidelines, on the Blog page here. This will answer your questions about what to expect when booking and attending your appointment and also lets you know how Karen and her colleagues are working to keep you safe. You can continue to book o
nline sessions if you prefer.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need some help or visit the Natural Healing Energy Facebook page  for regular updates and information.


Applied Energy Flow

Applied Energy Flow

Karen works with, rather than on, the natural flow of a person's energy utilising a range of different energies and healing techniques. Her approach works to maximise the health of the body's energy systems to boost, rebalance and clear blockages.



Reiki is a Japanese system of healing that increases the flow of energy in the body to promote wellbeing. Reiki is an incredibly relaxing and gentle treatment with the potential for very powerful results.

Honey Healing Method

Honey Healing Method

The Honey Healing Method (which supercedes Emotional Realignment Therapy) is a powerful cutting edge energy therapy that works directly with stored emotional energy within a person's body.


Reiki Attunements

Reiki Attunements

The process of learning to use Reiki is called an attunement because it is a bit like tuning a radio. It is not something that can be taught out of books but is something that your energy body is tuned to by a Reiki Master so that you can connect to and use the energy.

Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

Our meditation sessions aim to take the mystery out of meditation and combine learning specific breathing and meditation practices, guided visualisation and periods of quiet for self-guided meditation.

Reiki Shares

Reiki Shares

Becoming attuned to Reiki is a wonderful gift of healing to give to yourself. Karen holds Reiki afternoons to give people attuned to all levels of Reiki the chance to give and receive Reiki together.


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Latest News

New Lockdown Update

Closing the Physical Doors Again

Sadly the doors to The Old School House, in Shaftesbury, and The Therapy Centre, in Salisbury, will be closing once again. I very much hope that this time it will be just for a few weeks. Sadly my work falls into one of the categories included in businesses that have to to close to assist in the lockdown effort. 

The lockdown starts from midnight on Thursday 5th November so there are still a few appointments available until then. You can book yourself in using my online booking system here. As far as I am aware this will be a very time limited thing so you can also book appointments from December 2nd. There will only be a limited number of appointments available between reopening and Christmas, so please do get yourself booked in soon so you don't miss out.

What else is available?
My Monday evening weekly Self-Reiki Share, (for anyone with any level of Reiki Attunement), and my Thursday evening weekly Meditation classes will continue at 7.30pm, as they have been. The Reiki share costs £8 per session and the meditation class costs £6.

Online Supportive Counselling Sessions also continue to be available. I will be prioritising in-person sessions for the first week of November, until I close, but online sessions can be booked after that. You can book appointments via my online booking system or contact me directly and I'm always happy to book you in. 

During November I am offering a free 20-minute self-care MOT. This is designed to help you identify areas where you could make small tweaks to improve how you are looking after yourself. There's no obligation to do any other work with me and these sessions, on the phone or via Zoom, are a great way to get the focus back on you. I will be adding these sessions to my online booking system shortly but in the meantime This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get yourself booked in.

Don't Suffer Alone
This year has been so outside of anything that we are generally used to experiencing. Although we have all been finding our way through this same storm we are definitely not all in the same boat. If you're finding something tough, you're finding it tough. Just because other people may be worse off than you it doesn't mean that your situation is any less important. If you need some help finding a better balance please don't be afraid to get in touch.


© Dr Karen Janes
1st November 2020

All Change Again?

In the last few weeks I have had a real flurry of enquiries and bookings from new clients, from people I haven't heard from for some time and from existing clients wanting extra sessions. This really highlights for me how tough things are for so many people right now. And, in the last couple of days, we have been greeted with the news that England may now be facing another lockdown, following those that have been happening in other parts of the UK and Europe.

Given how things have been going in some ways this isn’t a surprise. But, even when we know something is likely to happen, that doesn’t always stop it feeling really difficult when it does come. The uncertainty of knowing something is coming, but not yet knowing what, is also something that can really raise our anxiety. These are all extra challenges for us, both personally and with our work and businesses, at a time when things were already not easy.


Information for coming to appointments during the pandemic

As with all other businesses I have made some changes to how I operate.

Please read this information before coming to your appointment and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


Going outside your comfort zone

I keep reading phrases such as ‘In these challenging times’, ‘Given the current situation’, ‘We are making history’ and so on. The bottom line is that for many of us life has changed considerably, almost overnight. Parents are trying to be teachers and home-school their children and for many this is alongside juggling their own work. Some people are now out of work or have had to watch their beloved businesses grind to a halt. Many people are facing an uncertain and scary future and feeling like they’ve had to abandon their customers, clients and employees. Lots of us are adjusting to working from home whilst some people, in key working roles, may feel overwhelmed and busier than ever on the front-line and facing contact with this scary virus every day.

Missing Connections
A common theme amongst all of this is the change to our interactions and sense of being connected to other people, the world in general and those activities that give us joy or help us feel like ourselves. Whether or not you are specifically self-isolating we are all under instruction to minimise our movement and interactions with anyone outside our own households and this can be really tough. We may be missing physical contact and the opportunity to give loved ones a hug or the chance to sit and chew the cud over a cuppa. The sense of isolation and uncertainty is palpable. On top of all these things we are also facing worries about our own health and that of important people in our lives and we may even have lost someone close.

One thing that striking about the situation is that it is affecting the whole world. No country is immune and most are in various states of lockdown. What all this means is that we are having to do things differently and step a little, or a lot, outside our comfort zones.


Our Fourth Week of Lockdown: Be kind to you

We are now starting our fourth week of lockdown and I was wondering how you are faring?

From my own experience, and that of everyone else I have spoken to, this is a time, more than ever, of real ups and downs. I don't know a single person who hasn't admitted to at least the odd tough day here and there. Anxiety levels are raised, motivation is challenged, (as many of us have to be more self-sufficient at home), sleep may be affected and the sense of isolation is palpable.

We may also find ourselves turning to less healthy habits such as eating, drinking alcohol or smoking more than usual, scrolling endlessly through social media and news sites or spending the day in our pyjamas. It isn’t that most of things aren’t OK in moderation but if we do any of them too much we can start to have problems.


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Dr Karen Janes

Dr Karen Janes is the owner and founder of Natural Healing Energy, which she set up in 2005. She is an experienced practitioner of energy healing and is proud to be one of a very small number of practitioners of The Honey Healing Method, worldwide. She is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, a Reiki Master and Teacher and a Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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