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Welcome to Natural Healing Energy

Dr Karen Janes is seeing clients in both her Salisbury and Shaftesbury practices for in-person healing sessions. Supportive Counselling online or phone sessions continue to be available and all treatments can be booked online

Guidance about booking and attending appointments has been updated here, please read it before you come in. This will answer your questions about what to expect and also lets you know how Karen and her colleagues are continuing to work to keep you safe. You can still book o
nline sessions if you prefer.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need some help or aren't sure what you need. You can also visit the Natural Healing Energy Facebook page  for regular updates and information.


Applied Energy Flow

Applied Energy Flow

Karen works with, rather than on, the natural flow of a person's energy utilising a range of different energies and healing techniques. Her approach works to maximise the health of the body's energy systems to boost, rebalance and clear blockages.



Reiki is a Japanese system of healing that increases the flow of energy in the body to promote wellbeing. Reiki is an incredibly relaxing and gentle treatment with the potential for very powerful results.

Honey Healing Method

Honey Healing Method

The Honey Healing Method (which supercedes Emotional Realignment Therapy) is a powerful cutting edge energy therapy that works directly with stored emotional energy within a person's body.


Reiki Attunements

Reiki Attunements

The process of learning to use Reiki is called an attunement because it is a bit like tuning a radio. It is not something that can be taught out of books but is something that your energy body is tuned to by a Reiki Master so that you can connect to and use the energy.

Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

Our meditation sessions aim to take the mystery out of meditation and combine learning specific breathing and meditation practices, guided visualisation and periods of quiet for self-guided meditation.

Reiki Shares

Reiki Shares

Becoming attuned to Reiki is a wonderful gift of healing to give to yourself. Karen holds Reiki afternoons to give people attuned to all levels of Reiki the chance to give and receive Reiki together.


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Latest News

Love, grief and our four-legged friends

We don't talk much about death
Grief, loss, bereavement and death are topics that we tend not to discuss very much...

They are often very difficult to talk about and can involve many fears and worries. These can be about both our own emotions as well as what we might trigger in someone else or perhaps even burden them with. We can be afraid to ask someone how they are feeling for fear of upsetting them, saying the wrong thing or just feeling awkward. Sometimes loss may be relatively straightforward yet deeply and intensely painful. Other times it can be more complex and the emotions and reactions that come with it can be very confusing, surprising or even shocking.

In this article I talk through some of these things as well as a little about my own recent experience of loss. There is a link at the end to listen to an interview I did on the same topic.

I really hope it brings some comfort...


Perhaps New Year isn’t the best time for New Year’s Resolutions?

I first wrote this article in 2017 and revisited it in 2020, just before the chaos hit us all! I think it still stands so I have again given it a little update and I share it with you once more, as we make our way through the first month of this new year.

Half way through January, is often the time that an initial burst of enthusiasm starts to wane. It is still dark and, in the UK at least, it has been very wet and grey and some days have seemed to barely get light at all. Even for the UK it has been a little unusual. 

If your thoughts have been turning to ideas of making changes and setting goals I'd be curious to know how that is going? The beginning of the year may often be the time that you decide, indeed we are encouraged to decide, to finally get round to getting fitter, losing weight, starting to looking for a new job, learning a new skill or making a myriad of other changes. Even if you have long-since decided that setting New Year’s resolutions is a pointless activity it is hard to be completely immune to the idea that you should have things, 'goals', that you are going to aim to achieve this year. There can also be a tendency to aim unrealistically high, (an attempt to kick-start yourself off the back of the festive overindulgence perhaps?). Sustaining that enthusiasm can be a very different ball game and you may find you fall off the wagon of working towards those goals pretty quickly.

Maybe that ‘New Year feeling’ hasn't quite kicked in yet....?

The 12 Days of Self-Care: T’is the season to be silly?

I wrote a version of this article four years ago after I had been off work for a while following what turned out to be a fairly big, albeit planned, operation. Taking time away from my business and being much more reliant on others for help, physically, emotionally and financially, even for a short time, was a very new and challenging experience, as it often is if you are someone who is used to being independent and self-sufficient.

When I first started to contemplate what was ahead of me it felt very overwhelming. It was the first time I had experienced something that so physically stopped me in my tracks. My body simply wouldn’t let me push on through or rush my recovery in ways I had done in the past. I had to be patient and not do many of the things that I was used to doing for myself and that would normally help me find balance. I had to surrender to stopping and give my body the time it needed to heal.

I came to realise that it was an opportunity for me to consider different ways that I care for myself on a deeper level. It is easy to feel that you are letting others down if you become ill or need help. You may feel you have failed in some way because you’re not in fact invincible and there can be a sense of deep shame in this. It can make you feel very vulnerable and exposed to rejection if you need to ask for help. This can mean you may not ask for the help you need and end up compromising your own health and healing. There can be conflict between what your mind thinks you should do, alongside real or imagined pressure from others, and what your precious body needs from you.

This time of year, during the festive season, can be a time when self-care drops even further down the priority list. Alongside my surgery, the idea for this article was also prompted by a conversation I had with my good friend and teacher, Chyna Honey, (author of Understanding Reiki: From Self Care to Energy Medicine). I had wanted to find a way to share some of the things I had been thinking about and learning in a presentation I was due to give at a forthcoming business women’s networking group, (Women on Wednesdays in Salisbury).

My Clinical Psychology training, way back when, discouraged practitioners from sharing anything about their own experience but it was becoming increasingly important to me to try to be as authentic as I can be in my work. This is something I have endeavoured to build upon and continue over the last four years. There is no point recommending that my clients drink more water to keep themselves adequately hydrated, for example, if this isn’t something I am striving to do for myself.

Together, Chyna and I came up with the idea of, (rather than The 12 Days of Christmas), The 12 Days of Self-Care and I once again share the essence of this with you here.
Before you read through the next section you might want to grab a pen and a piece of paper...


When did you last stop?

I wonder how often, as a child, you were told to “cheer up”, “to be a good girl or a good boy”, to “forget about it” or something along those lines? These comments are often very well intentioned and, whilst they may have their place at times, might well have left you feeling dismissed, wrong to feel the way you did, ridiculed even and certainly that your feelings were not very important.

As a human it is natural for you to have emotional responses to things and the better you get at supressing your feelings the more you can end up storing up trouble for later. The busyness of modern life only serves to encourage this as we move at high speed from one experience to the next.


Dear Brain, with love from Your Body

I spotted this wonderful letter on social media by Dawn Arkell, a Pilates Teacher and Women’s Health Coach.

She wrote it whilst recovering from big surgery. I thought it so very beautifully, succinctly and gracefully described something that I often try to communicate that I got in touch and she has kindly let me share it.

Thank you Dawn.

Listen to your body!
I have many, many conversations with my clients, (as well as with my friends and even myself!), about how as humans we rarely give ourselves enough time to recover from anything. It might be simply a long tiring day, a headache or a simple cold, it might be flu or the dreaded covid, it might be minor or major surgery or the ravages of grief and emotional trauma. Almost always we push ourselves to do too much too soon.

It is common to find people in the wellbeing industry talking about the importance of ‘listening to our bodies’. It sounds so wonderfully simple and enduringly sensible. Easy, right?

What it fails to take into account, in its instruction, is that we are more than just a body...


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