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Honey Healing Method

Karen has recently undergone some further training with the creator of Emotional Realignment Therapy to be able to practice The Honey Healing Method (HHM). Although it has many similarities to Emotional Realignment Therapy, The Honey Healing Method (HHM) enables clients to release blocks from their energy at a much deeper level. This treatment supercedes Emotional Realignment Therapy. Please do not hesitate to contact Karen for further information or to discuss your individual situation.

What is The Honey Healing Method?

Emotional experiences can lead to despair, anxiety or a subtle feeling that things are not right. The physical effects and residual energy of such experiences can remain in the body for many years. The Honey Healing Method reduces these stored emotions to pure energy. By enabling you to connect with this emotional energy it supports you to permanently remove these blockages from your system, freeing you from distress, confusion or unwanted behaviour patterns.

What is The Honey Healing Method helpful for?

If you have an intellectual understanding of the issues in your life but feel this has not given you the joy or freedom you hoped for, HHM may be for you. HHM enables clients to move on with their life in a way that talking may not have and is successful with recent or long-term difficulties. HHM is also incredibly helpful for those who are unsure about the exact cause of their difficulties but have a feeling of being blocked or that something is 'not quite right'.

People who have experienced HHM comment that having let go of emotional blocks they respond differently to familiar people and situations. It works for those who wish to articulate their distress but is particularly well suited to those who 'just want to get rid of it' without talking.

HHM puts the client firmly in the driving seat. You decide which emotions you are ready to let go of and those you are not. You control the pace of the session and decide when you have done as much as you want to. The therapist is there to support you and there is no need to share any of your specific experiences if you do not wish to.

What to expect during a treatment

HHM allows you to experience emotional blocks and their consequences in a tangible way and creates an opportunity to release them objectively. How much you talk about the emotions experienced is entirely up to you. During the treatment you will lay fully clothed on a treatment couch. The only physical contact required is that the therapist will take hold of your hand. Sessions proceed at a pace that is comfortable for you and you remain in full control. Once the emotional block is presented, you can decide whether you would like to keep it or let it go.

Each session is complete. You may continue with occasional further sessions, if required, to meet long-term goals, although you will need time between sessions to process and become comfortable with the changes.

HHM is not usually suitable for a first session or a one-off treatment. HHM sessions usually form part of an overall treatment plan to enable you to decide when you are ready for HHM. At least one Applied Energy Flow session is required before and after an HHM session to enable you to fully prepare for what can be quite an intense treatment and to adjust to the changes you make. This will enable you to get the most benefit from this unique and powerful therapy.

Please get in touch to discuss whether The Honey Healing Method may be helpful for your particular circumstances.

Honey Healing Method

"The process was natural and enjoyable and the results extraordinary...  I'm still enjoying the profound sense of liberation and grounding."
(Zoe, 54)

"During the session I finally let go of my past, without the need to talk. Releasing past issues allowed me space to concentrate on how it affected my life today and to start making positive changes."
(Rose, 38)

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Dr Karen Janes

Dr Karen Janes is the owner and founder of Natural Healing Energy, which she set up in 2005. She is an experienced practitioner of energy healing and is proud to be one of a very small number of practitioners of The Honey Healing Method, worldwide. She is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, a Reiki Master and Teacher and a Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation.

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