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From time immemorial different cultures have used the burning of different herbs and incense to purify and refresh both the energy of spaces and the energy systems of humans. Choosing the right incense with natural ingredients isn’t always easy as many contain artificial chemicals or fragrance. One of the best forms of incense for cleansing is natural sage bundles or ‘smudge sticks’.

These bundles can be lit, the flame allowed to go out and then the smoke can be diffused around your house, or within your own energy field or aura, by wafting the bundle gently. The smudge stick should naturally burns itself out once you stop moving it around but do ensure you have a fireproof dish on which to place the burning sage and ensure it is fully extinguished before leaving it unattended. Ensure there is adequate ventilation whilst smudging to allow the stagnant energies to disperse.

For more information about smudging there is an excellent article here:

Understanding Reiki

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